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How to use Amazon to recruit Clemson football players

As part of its push to improve its recruiting and retention practices, Amazon has launched a new recruiting platform that gives students and their parents the ability to “sign up” for a Clemson football recruiting class. With the Clemson football season starting on September 25, the platform allows users to choose from a range of classes,

Which schools are hiring the best players?

A lot of these guys have a lot of promise and they’ve got great potential, but the recruiting process can be tough on those players.For instance, one of the top prospects in the class of 2019 was from Michigan, but according to, he has a grade of A-minus from the coaching staff.That grade is

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How to get the best deal from the world’s best universities

The world’s top universities are all looking to attract top talent and students, with some recruiting in the US, and others looking at other countries.However, there are some things to keep in mind before deciding to sign on to a scholarship or a career in a university.Here are some of the key considerations:1.LocationThere is no

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The Ultimate Nebraska Football Recruiting Guide

“We are very proud of our new recruits.It’s really hard to beat Nebraska.I think they have one of the best recruiting systems in the country, and they are a really great coach.They recruit like no one else.They have a great history, a great legacy, a really good fan base and a great program.”–Jim Mora, Nebraska

The real story of the Trump family’s business dealings

The real history of President Donald Trump’s business is still being written.And the stories of how he made billions, how he spent millions, and how he’s paid for his businesses are still being told.But one of his oldest friends in politics and the most powerful person in the world may be in the process of

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Oklahoma recruiters get ‘caught off guard’ by Alabama’s recruiting blitz

Oklahoma recruiter Craig Thompson says the Crimson Tide and its coaches are using their recruiting blitzes to get him away from other schools.He says he’s not sure how much of a factor recruiting analysts are to the Crimson Tigers recruiting strategy.“They’re just taking advantage of our weaknesses,” he said.“I don’t know how much more they’re

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How to get your Tarheel jersey back

Posted by BOSTON MAVERICKS | June 30, 2018 11:11:04After nearly a year away from the court, Tarheels guard Austin Brown is back on the court with a new team and new teammates.Brown returned to practice Wednesday after missing nearly the entire season with a left knee injury suffered during a December 2017 game against Gonzaga.Brown

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Why Rutgers is recruiting a freshman linebacker from Ohio

Rutgers has been recruiting a true freshman linebacker since March, and that’s with the hope of bringing him to New Jersey in the next few months.After a three-year stint at Indiana, Kevin Whitehead, a junior linebacker for the Fighting Irish, decommitted from the Big Ten after the 2013 season.He went to Ohio State, where he

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How to Get Recruited by a Penn State Recruiter

The Penn State University system has launched a new recruitment campaign to help boost the number of students applying to the university and help fill vacancies in leadership positions.The campaign, called Recruiting Penn State, seeks to help recruit and retain top leaders at Penn State.It seeks to reach potential recruits through online and social media.It

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247: RTE’s 247 recruiting coverage begins this week

247 Sports’ recruiting coverage starts this week with the first round of ESPN+ rankings.The 247Sports composite ranking of 247Sports is currently at #10, behind LSU, Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, and Texas A&M.The 247Sports Top247 is currently #9, behind Auburn, Alabama, LSU, Georgia, and Alabama State.The Rivals Composite Rankings, which includes all 247Sports Composite Rankings