‘Criminalized’ in CAAP system

With the end of the CAA, a lot of the pressure for recruiting and retention is on those with criminal records, said Peter McNeill, director of recruiting and career services at the National Association of Retired Persons.“It’s not just recruiting that’s criminalized, it’s the entire system that has been built on a conviction for a

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How to recruit Kentucky players in 2019

By Josh BoggussThe recruitment of Kentucky’s 2019 class is the latest step in the search for the next Big 12 title.The recruiting cycle has become more crowded as Kentucky’s star players have moved on.In fact, five of the last six Big 12 coaches have left the program.Kentucky’s recruiting class has been a big part of

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How to find the best recruiting classes in 2018

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How to find an NFL player in the Bahamas

It was a cold January night when Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston decided he needed to make the trek to the Bahamas for a visit with his girlfriend.The visit was to be his first since transferring to Florida State in the spring of 2015.He said it would take place in his hometown of Tampa.The plan

Florida Gators head coach Jim McElwain named to staff job

FLORIDA — Florida Gators coach Jim MacElwaine announced today that he has been named to the staff job at his alma mater, Florida.MacElwael will serve as the associate athletic director for student-athlete development and the associate athletics director for athletics, and will also serve as a senior advisor to the university.The decision was announced today

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How a ‘shadow recruiter’ turned a $10K job into $40K

By Andrew GombertThe job recruiter job is like the military recruiter, only the recruiter is the soldier and the recruitor is the army recruit.In the military, you get to recruit, you earn your pay, and you have a real job.But you can also get a “shadow recruitor” job.They are people that you can contact for

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How to read 247Sports recruiting rankings

In a year filled with buzz surrounding the upcoming draft, we’re looking at the latest rankings to gauge how much the 2016 class is worth.But before we get too carried away, let’s take a look at the five most important recruiting indicators we can look at to gauge the value of the class.1.Overall grade: The

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How to Get the Most Out of a Recruiting Profile

When recruiting, you need to know how much to spend and how to be efficient.This article will help you get the most out of recruiting profiles.1.Spend the most.I like to use an example of $5,000 per person, because that’s what the median price is for the recruiting rankings and the median number of interviews for