Florida Gators head coach Jim McElwain named to staff job

FLORIDA — Florida Gators coach Jim MacElwaine announced today that he has been named to the staff job at his alma mater, Florida.MacElwael will serve as the associate athletic director for student-athlete development and the associate athletics director for athletics, and will also serve as a senior advisor to the university.The decision was announced today

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What you need to know about recruitment ads and how to respond

The internet has changed everything.Now, the job search engine is a central part of the job hunt and recruitment process.It has transformed everything from job advertisements to how employers interact with prospective employers.As the world of job search technology becomes ever more powerful, recruiters are increasingly using social media to reach prospective employers and gain

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How to make a big impact in college recruiting

The recruiting cycle is a marathon, not a sprint, and college players are not just working out.They’re also competing for jobs.A study released Thursday by recruitment firm OLEM found the biggest gap in job openings is between the age of 15 and 24.There are also a number of jobs in between, including full-time positions and