‘Criminalized’ in CAAP system


With the end of the CAA, a lot of the pressure for recruiting and retention is on those with criminal records, said Peter McNeill, director of recruiting and career services at the National Association of Retired Persons.

“It’s not just recruiting that’s criminalized, it’s the entire system that has been built on a conviction for a crime,” he said.

“We’ve got a whole system built on the idea of the criminal justice system.”

The CAAP is a federal government program that provides support to people who are at risk of committing a serious crime or who are being investigated for a serious criminal offence, and who may be unable to access the full benefits of the Canada Pension Plan.

“If you’re an eligible worker and you’re in a job that’s been under review, you’re now part of the system,” McNeill said.

The CAAS also provides support for people who have committed serious offences and for those who have been charged with crimes that are not considered serious, but are still considered violent.

“Those people are automatically excluded from the CAAP, and they are excluded from accessing the benefits of Canada Pension Plans,” McNeil said.

While the CAAPS is still in place, some people who need support to get back to work may not have been able to access that support in the past.

“People are looking at things like unemployment, they’re looking at housing and they’re wondering how can they get back into work, and the CAAS is really helpful in addressing that,” McLean said.

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