Feds looking into recruiting video game players


A federal grand jury has opened a probe into whether a recruiting video by a company that helps companies recruit video game stars could be a violation of the Federal Trade Commission Act.

Founded in 2010 by former Disney CEO Bob Iger, Epic Games has since become a major player in the video game industry.

Epic Games recently hired former NFL quarterback Tom Brady and former UFC fighter Jon Jones as executives.

The company said the video is the “best way to introduce new gamers and their parents to the world of video games.”

The FTC says the company violated its federal law against deceptive marketing by not properly disclosing its role in recruiting video games players.

It has asked the FTC for more information about the video, which it is still reviewing.

The FTC’s investigation was launched after a series of videos that Epic released to promote the release of its “Halo” video game in 2014.

The video includes interviews with former NFL players such as Dan Fouts, Tim Brown and Dontrelle Inman, and the voiceover for “HALO,” which says, “It’s the year of Halo.”

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