How OU’s recruiting staff is recruiting in the middle of a hurricane


Oklahoma’s recruitment staff is on the front lines of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation as they try to recruit with no power or access to a mobile phone.

The university’s recruiting office is now flooded with calls from people who want to know if the OU football recruiting staff can help.

OU’s athletic director, Joe Castiglione, has said that he is confident that the OU staff can make it through.

“The first thing that comes to my mind is, ‘OK, I’ll send them some clothes and shoes and food,'” Castiglio said during an interview with ABC News’ Jon Karl.

“Then we’ll see how we do.

And then we’ll do it again.”

The OU football program has made it clear to its fans that they need to come to their games, and the university has already started making the case for bringing more people in the state to support the program.

OU is asking for donations of clothing and other necessities.

OU also has set up a $20,000 scholarship fund for Oklahoma State and Oklahoma, and is asking fans to donate to the Oklahoma Flood Relief Fund.

If you or someone you know is considering attending OU, here are some important things you need to know:The Oklahoma State basketball program is expecting to have its full staff back to work on Friday.

The university is encouraging everyone to bring food and shelter and to keep their windows open as the storm approached.

OU announced earlier this week that all its athletic departments are open for business.

OU has also offered free parking at its campus, and it’s offering free food and free lodging.

If your school is not open, you can still sign up to receive notifications about OU’s football and basketball teams, including the Sooners football schedule.

If the OU athletics department is closed, you may still receive notifications.

But you should also check out the OU Athletics Facebook page for updates.

The school also has a website for students, fans, faculty and staff to find out more about the school and get updates on OU’s recovery efforts.

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