How to maximize Longhorns recruiting pay: How much do recruits earn?


The Longhorns recruiters have the highest recruiting salary in the SEC, according to data provided by the NCAA.

It’s the second-highest in the conference behind Auburn.

Texas is also one of just three schools that make the top five of the list for recruiting pay in each of the past three years, the most recent being Arkansas.

In total, Texas has paid recruits more than $20 million since 2006.

The total payout for Texas’ current recruiting class, including the 2017 class, is $11.4 million.

The Longhorn coaching staff has made more than twice as much money than the head coach and is currently the second highest paid coach in the country.

The Longhorns are currently on pace to earn $13.2 million in recruiting pay for the 2019-20 season.

The school has not released an official recruiting salary, but the salary estimate from 247Sports is $13 million per year.

Texas signed a new three-year, $18.5 million deal with the school in January that includes a signing bonus of $1 million and a $250,000 signing bonus for 2021.