How to find a recruiting job in Georgia


A recruitment job for Georgia’s new athletic director has opened up, and you’ll have to find it in a big city.

For the past few months, the Georgia Athletic Department has been in search of a new athletic department executive to lead the Georgia program.

In August, the university announced it was hiring new AD David Shaw.

That position was later expanded to include a new chief of staff and president.

Now, we have another candidate for the position, and we have found a job that could be one of the biggest in the nation.

The search for a new AD is not just about finding a new job, but also a new hire to lead a successful, state-of-the-art athletic department.

“The job will be in the Atlanta, Georgia area, and the search will begin on Monday, December 5, according to the university.

According to the job listing, the candidate will work with the Atlanta-based department on a range of programs.

The candidate will have experience in athletics, finance, communications and public affairs.

The position requires an annual salary of $175,000.

The school says that the new AD will “develop and lead a strong, national athletic department that is positioned to compete for championships, while fostering an environment of innovation, collaboration and community building.”

If you’re interested in applying, you’ll be contacted by December 11.

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