How to recruit a college football coach


A top-rated college football recruiting coach who is also a recruiter and college football recruiter has come under fire.

Mike Nitti has been criticized for failing to recruit elite college football coaches.

The recruiting manager is also being criticized for his business practices.

Nitti, a former defensive coordinator at Penn State, has been a high-profile recruiting executive in the past and recently left Penn State amid a sexual assault scandal.

In a recent profile, The Daily Beast reported Nittis actions during the Jerry Sandusky scandal, including hiring a convicted child molester to coach a football program, “in the middle of the Sandusky investigation.”

The Penn State scandal is a long-running and controversial story, with Penn State administrators and Nittist also being named in lawsuits.

But, in an interview with CBS Sports, Nitt is defended for his work at Penn, saying he has done a lot for the Penn State football program.

He told CBS Sports that he was never a recruitor for Penn State.

But, he did get a lot of calls from coaches from other schools.

He said he had to take a pay cut because of the NCAA investigation, but that he did his best to recruit coaches for Penn.

He also said he did not take a salary or have a staff at Penn when he left PennState, and that he had been involved in hiring top coaches from many different schools.

Nitty is not alone.

The College Football Players Association is also under fire for hiring Nitt at Penn.NCAA spokesman Michael Smith said Nitt did not receive compensation or benefits from Penn State for his services and that there was no conflict of interest between Nitts position and his responsibilities as a recruiting consultant.NCPA spokeswoman Mary Anne Franks said in a statement that Nitt was hired because of his extensive experience and extensive knowledge of the game.

“We hired him because of all of his experience in recruiting, and we were able to develop relationships with a number of talented, accomplished and committed college coaches that were part of the Penn family,” Franks said.NITT IS NOT THE ONLY ONE AVAILABLE TO MANAGE A TEAMS COACHERS The College Football Writers Association has been accused of hiring former Michigan State coach Brady Hoke for a role in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Hoke has been the head coach at Michigan State since the 2008 season and was a three-time Super Bowl champion.

But he left the program to coach in the NFL and has never been an NFL head coach.

Hoke also has never served on a college coaching staff.