Ten-Year Salary for SEC Football Players


The SEC football recruiting rankings have been updated for the 2016-17 season.

Read More » The SEC is in the midst of a major recruiting overhaul and the league has made significant strides in recent years, according to several recruits and coaches.

The SEC ranks in the top 10 in many recruiting categories, including top recruits, recruiting success rate, and the number of schools recruiting the players, according a recent article.

The league also has been a leader in recruiting the elite athletes in the sport, including the SEC’s four most prolific players.

SEC football recruits make a median salary of $2.2 million, according the data.

The top 10 salaries for the top 100 players are listed below.

Top 50 SEC football players in 2016-2017:SEC Top 100 players in 2015-2016:Top 50 players in 2014-2015:Top 100 players from the 2015-16 recruiting class:The SEC’s top 10 recruiters make $1.1 million in median salary.

Five of the top 50 recruiters in the country are from the conference, and all are from Tennessee.

The three biggest recruiters are Tennessee’s Marcus Lattimore, who is making $1 million, Auburn’s Derwin James, who made $1,000, and Ole Miss’ Malik Jefferson, who makes $900.

SEC head coach Nick Saban, who has been with the program for more than two decades, leads the way in recruiting top recruits.

He’s the league’s highest-paid coach, with a median of $1 billion per year.

SEC coaches are paid a median annual salary of more than $1m.

Top 10 SEC recruits in 2015:SEC All-American cornerback and Georgia Tech quarterback Aaron Murray, who was selected No. 2 overall in the 2015 NFL Draft, is making about $1M a year, according an ESPN report.

Alabama’s Jalen Hurts, who finished No. 8 in the Heisman Trophy voting, is earning $900K a year.

Auburn’s Denzel Ward, who had a career year in 2016, is the SEC leader in average annual salary, at $1 and a $500K signing bonus.

Tennessee’s DeShone Kizer, who signed a two-year, $1-million deal with the Titans, is coming off a career season and earning $1 Million.

Alabama cornerback Jalen Mills is the league leader in earnings per year, earning $925K, according ESPN.

Georgia Tech quarterback Malik Zaire earned $1 M, according Tovla.

Georgia Tech offensive lineman Jordan Mills is earning more than a million per year after taking over for the injured Zach Mettenberger, who led the Bulldogs to a 10-win season.

Tennessee running back Derrick Henry, who set the school record for rushing yards with 1,844 yards last season, is also making $900k a year in his second year.

LSU offensive tackle Alex Okafor is the highest paid player in the SEC, making $850K per year and the SEC rushing leader, according TOVLA.

Tennessee defensive end DeShaun Watson, who played for Alabama and Auburn, is being paid nearly $1 BILLION per year as the SEC Defensive Player of the Year.

LSU defensive tackle Myles Garrett is the best paid player at $8.8 Million per year according TOG.LSU running back Saquon Barkley is making the most money per year at $2 million per season, according SportsBusiness Daily.LSWU wide receiver Laquon Treadwell is the most-paid player at over $6 Million per season according to Forbes.

The SEC is the biggest conference in college football, with 247Sports ranking the SEC in the bottom 10 for recruiting in 2016.

SEC teams ranked fifth, seventh, and eighth respectively in the recruiting rankings.

LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Georgia, Texas A&M, Florida, and Georgia State all rank in the 10th and 12th positions.

The most expensive recruit in the nation is LSU quarterback Dak Prescott, who recently signed a six-year deal worth $30.5 Million per annum.

The five most expensive players are Tennessee defensive tackle Dante Fowler Jr., Alabama defensive end Dante Fowler, Alabama linebacker Deion Jones, Florida defensive end Adolphus Washington, and LSU defensive end David Parry.

Alabama defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd and Tennessee linebacker DeMarcus Walker are both making more than the next highest paid recruit.

The 2018 recruiting class is expected to be the biggest in school history.

The first five recruits in the class have a median pay of $3.2 Million.