Why do some of my friends get rejected by job applications?


I’m not sure why people are attracted to recruitment sites.

The ads are mostly vague.

There are lots of job descriptions for “business-related and marketing” positions, but none for those “personal and personal services”.

What I do know is that I’ve been turned down for several positions that I thought would be the right fit.

Some of these are obvious and obvious at the same time, but some are not.

Some are too good, and I’m left wondering if I should have applied sooner.

My favourite one is the “recruitment manager” role.

It sounds good, but is it really the right one for me?

I’ve heard the phrase “personal services” used in a similar way to “business”, but that’s not quite the same.

It’s a bit like recruiting from a business recruiter.

It could be that you’re looking for a role that involves personalised work.

I was in the UK recently and got a job in marketing.

My experience at work was that I wasn’t really passionate about it.

I could do it, but I wasn ‘doing it’.

I had no passion for it.

So, I asked a friend for advice and he suggested the recruitment site Jobz.

It offered a free job with no salary, no responsibilities, and a job offer.

That sounded like a great way to start a career.

But the next day, after getting my first email, I got a phone call.

I was offered a job at an office for “personal, personal and personalised services”.

No mention of any salary, nothing about the company, nothing at all.

My response: “Sorry, I’m still looking”. 

I’m still getting rejected from recruitment sites (Picture: Facebook)My friend suggested I go back and try a different recruiter, but the offer was too good to refuse.

I contacted Jobz, who then said that they’d been “flagging” me and offered to work with me to get a job.

But it would be a “personal” role, so I was turned down.

I didn’t want to get in trouble, so when the offer came I said “Sure” and left the job.

My friend then told me he’d put me up in a hotel for free, but then the hotel manager said “no thanks”.

I then contacted Jobzone and got the same result.

They said that I was going to have to pay £5,000 (about $7,600) a year to stay in the hotel and it would cost £2,500 a year for the two weeks of “personalised services” I’d be given.

So what does that mean for me, as a prospective recruit?

It means I’ve got to take the job, get a cover letter, get the interview and pay £10,000 a year.

That’s a huge amount of money for me to spend on a few hours a week.

The pay will depend on what I do.

You have to be creative with your application process (Picture: LinkedIn)There are a lot of jobs that are a good fit for you (Picture : LinkedIn)I’m not saying that recruitment sites should be banned.

But you have to apply with care.

If you apply too soon you could be tempted by the site.

You have to work hard and put in the work to get the job (and they’ll give you a bonus if you get the right interview).

The recruitment sites themselves need to make the process easier.

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