How the Illini will use their recruiting drive to get recruits on campus


The Illini are already recruiting on campus, but now they want to use the recruiting drive that came before the game to make more of their recruitment efforts.

The Illini and the University of Illinois announced a new recruitment drive Monday morning, and it includes a new incentive for each Illini player.

Each Illini student will receive a $20,000 bonus upon signing with the university, plus a bonus of $25,000 for each additional student.

If a player has enrolled in Illinois’ College of Engineering, they will also receive a bonus.

The bonus amount is determined by the number of students who enrolled in the course of four years and earned an associate’s degree in the last three years, which is now a minimum of four.

Illini players will also be eligible to earn up to $10,000 in tuition reimbursements per year for the first three years of their undergraduate studies at the university.

The incentives are part of the Illinois recruiting effort, which has already seen them land six players from the Big Ten and five from the ACC.

The Illinos are also looking to sign one or more of the top recruits in the class of 2018, which includes six-star wide receiver De’Vondre Campbell, who the Illinos have committed to.

The new recruiting drive will begin on April 1, and Illini head coach Tim Beck has previously said that he expects to be recruiting every day this spring.

It’s possible that this will change, but the Illinis are expected to be more active in the recruiting process than they were in recent years.

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