How to watch Husky football: Where to watch the Huskies next season


Huskies head coach Steve Sarkisian says the Husky program is not done with its football recruiting, with a handful of players being recruited this year.

“The recruiting cycle for the next couple of years is not over,” Sarkisie said.

“We still have a long way to go.”

The recruiting period is still in its infancy and not every team will be in position to land a handful or players.

The Bulldogs were one of several teams to make the leap this year, as the school’s season-ticket base jumped by more than 25,000 and the overall fan base increased by more, according to Husky.

The Tigers, the only other team to make a splash on the recruiting trail this year and with an annual attendance of more than 50,000, also jumped by the same amount, according with a rise of more 25,500.

The other schools to make significant leaps in attendance this year include the Arizona Wildcats, Oregon Ducks, Texas A&M Aggies, Alabama Crimson Tide and Auburn Tigers.

Sarkisian said he’s confident in his ability to turn around the program and recruit in the coming years.

“I’m going to be confident in the talent we have and the depth that we have,” he said.SARKISIAN: Who will be the next head coach?

(5:00 p.m., ESPN, Saturday, June 14)Sarkusie has said his goal is to have a winning program by 2025 and is excited about the potential of the Huskies football program.

“There’s so many great players here at Nebraska, so we’re going to make them feel welcome and feel good about coming to school every day and working hard,” he told ESPN.

Salkisian was a finalist for the Big Ten Coach of the Year award last season.

He was also named the Nebraska Football Coach of The Year in 2017.