The 5 biggest reasons why Syracuse football recruits are better than they were 10 years ago



Syracuse’s recruiting has improved considerably over the past 10 years.

It was a very successful program from 2006 to 2011.

It was also one of the most overachieving teams in the Big East in recruiting, according to 247Sports Composite rankings.

But now, Syracuse is ranked in the bottom half of the Big Ten.


New head coach Mike Bohn has been able to recruit well in a small class.

The Syracuse coaching staff has added four scholarship quarterbacks, four receivers, and five offensive linemen, according a report by the Syracuse Orange Sports Information office.

That is a total of 20 scholarship players on the roster.


They are recruiting players who are ready to contribute immediately.

This season, the Syracuse football recruiting class is projected to be the best in the ACC.

The team has four scholarships available for next season.

The biggest question mark this season is quarterback Jarell Thompkins, who has yet to play a snap.


The program is rebuilding after a rough 2014 season.

In the past year, Syracuse has had to replace its three top offensive linemen and two of its four top receivers.

But the staff has also added four-star offensive tackle Jordan Johnson, who played at Rutgers and is currently a walk-on at Georgia Southern.


They have the most talented recruiting class in the country.

Syracuse is ranked by 247Sports as the second-best recruiting class, with the best quarterback in the class, five-star defensive end Marcus Williams, and three-star receiver Jarett Thomas.

The Orange also has a solid cornerback group with two four-stars and one four-spot.


The offensive line has been the biggest problem this season.

They need to replace three of their starters, starting left tackle David Williams and right guard Aaron Fentress.


They will not have the resources they need to compete.

They have the money, but not the staff.

The players have not been paid.

Syracuse is losing money.

It has not invested in the players.

It is spending big money on recruiting.

They lost a lot of money.


Syracuse has been criticized for being a “pink-slide” school.

When it comes to recruiting, they are known as a recruiting school.

Syracuse does not have many scholarships.

The staff has a high turnover rate, with about 70 percent of players leaving the program after their first season.

Syracuse will have to recruit better.