How to get the most out of your college recruiting


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Where do I begin?

There’s not a ton to know about recruiting, but there are plenty of great resources out there.

Head over to our recruiting guides for the best college rankings in your state, and get ready for the most in-depth and actionable guide.


What are recruiting rankings?

Recruiting rankings are rankings of college and high school football programs that have a specific number of national ranking players and recruits, as well as their respective recruiting rankings within the recruiting community.

A recruiting ranking is not necessarily the top rated school in a given state.

The more national ranking a school is, the higher the ranking in the recruiting rankings.3.

What’s recruiting?

Recruitment is the process of recruiting new recruits.

It’s a key part of the process that is designed to increase the likelihood of new players making a college or high school roster.4.

How do recruiting rankings work?

Ranking a college football program is based on the following factors:• The percentage of recruits recruited at the college (or high school)• The average age of recruits (age range 15-22)• Total recruits recruited, including underclassmen (ages under 17 and over 24)• Number of commits from within each state (plus the number of commitments from outside the states)• Percent of recruits from each state recruited in-state (including recruits from the state with the least number of recruits)• Percentage of recruits of each state from outside of the states• Average recruiting rankings for each of the top-ranked schools within each recruiting class.5.

How to calculate recruiting rankings (for me)?

Recruiter lites takes the recruiting data from over 1.2 million recruiting guides and then applies that to the best recruiting guide for your state.

We take into account everything from the recruiting environment to the players themselves to the overall level of competition within the state.

This allows us to rank the best teams in your region.

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