How to rank the top 50 college basketball recruiting classes in 2019


We know how to rank college basketball’s recruiting classes.

So it’s no surprise that the ESPN Insider College Basketball Ratings have been a consistent source of rankings for nearly two decades.

The ESPNU College Basketball Rankings have been ranked in the top 20 every year since 1998.

The ESPNU Rankings aren’t all the same, though.

The rankings look at a player’s overall value, including his or her ceiling, and how the player’s potential could affect a program.

The NCAA has been using the ESPNU Ratings to help determine which schools are eligible for future NCAA tournament bids.

The 2019-20 class is a perfect example of the differences between the ESPN U Rankings and the NCAA rankings.

The top five classes in the ESPN college basketball ratings were Alabama, Clemson, Kentucky, Tennessee and Florida State.

In 2018-19, only two of those top five ranked classes were from Alabama, and only one from Clemson.

That’s not to say the ESPN ratings are perfect, but the ESPN rankings have been the primary source of NCAA Tournament bids in each of the last four seasons.

Here are the top five recruiting classes for 2019-2020.

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Bears recruiting class of 2019:1.

Andrew Jones, DT, Florida State (2.

J.C. Coleman, DT/DT, Florida Atlantic (3.

Tyler Orlosky, CB, Oklahoma State (4.

Jadar Johnson, WR, Penn State (5.

Darian Stewart, DE, Virginia Tech (6.

Dontrell Savage, WR/DE, Arkansas (7.

Malik Jefferson, OT, Louisville (8.

Alex Balducci, LB, Michigan State (9.

DeAndre Hopkins, WR-WR, Texas A&M (10.

Malik McDowell, CB/S, Texas (11.

Marcus Harris, S, LouisvilleIn 2018-2019, Florida Tech was the only ACC school to rank among the top 25.

Clemson was second.

Tennessee and Oklahoma State were ranked No. 10 and No. 12, respectively.

Florida State was ranked No, 4 and No, 3.

Tennessee was ranked fourth in the country.

Texas was ranked third.

Alabama was ranked eighth in the nation.

Clemson, Notre Dame, Florida, Michigan, Oklahoma and Texas A & M were all ranked No., 1 and No., 3.

The recruiting rankings of the top 10 schools are:1

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