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Sooner football recruiters have created memes that include their recruits names and titles, and the images have gone viral.

The Army has a special recruitment website for recruits.

The site has an army recruuter meme that was shared by an Army recruit in the Army recruiting subreddit.

This Army recruit also shared the meme with us.

We are sorry that this happened, we are in contact with the recruiter, he said.

It is just unfortunate that this happens and we are still in contact.

Army recruiting subreddit The Army has an official recruitment website that has a recruitment poster for every Army unit in the US.

The recruitment poster has an image of recruits.

It also features the recruitment poster and their pictures.

We do not know if there was any other recruit in this recruitment poster, but we have removed the recruitment post from our subreddit.

We will continue to keep our eyes on this story.