How to get more U.S. troops into Afghanistan


A senior commander in Afghanistan said Friday the U.N. mission’s latest report on the nation’s security and stability needs to include more U and D. “The report needs to be accompanied by an analysis of the impact of increased U. and D deployment,” Gen. John Campbell, commander of U.D. forces in Afghanistan, told a news conference.

He said the U., D and N should work together to address gaps in the report.

He declined to provide further details.

Campbell said the latest report “is going to be a very important step forward” but said the final report would be released in July.

The U.K.-based watchdog group, the Independent Commission for the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, said in its first report on security and the security of Afghanistan that U. S. troops have “overwhelmed” the country and the military’s efforts to rebuild the country have “been underwhelming.”

Campbell said Thursday that U.-led forces in the country “have been unable to sustain the security operations that they have undertaken and, at times, have been unable even to protect themselves.”

The U, D and R units were not present in the latest Pentagon report.

The Pentagon has been under intense scrutiny from the watchdog group over the last two years after it said the military has lost control of its operations in Afghanistan.

Campbell dismissed the criticism as a “political issue” and said he was committed to addressing it.

“I think we need to take a look at this report and look at what we’ve done to ensure that we’re doing everything we can to address it,” Campbell said.