How to find and hire the right H-1B recruiter


H-2B visa holders who have been working for the federal government for at least three years can qualify for temporary work visas, a step many are taking.

The H-5B visa is available to more than 60,000 foreign workers who have had a five-year or more of experience with a federal government contractor.

The visa, which allows employers to hire temporary foreign workers for a certain period of time, is currently limited to permanent U.S. residents.

However, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees has issued an interim ruling that allows H-3 and H-4 visas to be issued to foreign workers with five years or more experience with federal contractors.

H-3 visas can be used to hire foreign workers in certain jobs, such as health care or agriculture, and H.4 visas can allow employers to pay foreign workers based on the hours they work, as opposed to the hourly rate.

The temporary H-8 visa allows employers who have received an H-7B visa or an H1-B visa and are willing to provide information about their workers to recruiters, and the temporary H1B visas can enable employers to obtain H-9 and H2B visas for workers who do not meet the requirements of the visa.

For employers who do have a list of H-10 and H1 visas that they are seeking, the H-6B visa can be utilized.

The process of applying for an H5 visa is similar to that of an H2A visa, and applicants must show that they have not been employed in the U, and that they would not be likely to lose their employment if they were to apply for an additional visa.

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